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Pixel Phones Regain Speaker Group Volume Control in Android 15 Beta

TLDR: Android 15 Beta 2 restores Pixel phone volume control for speaker groups, previously disabled due to legal issues with Sonos.

Google has restored the ability to control speaker group volume using Pixel phone buttons in the latest Android 15 beta update, after disabling the feature for several years.

Legal Issues Led to Removal

The functionality was initially removed in Android 12 back in 2021 due to an undisclosed “legal issue.” It was later revealed that this was a result of Google losing the Sonos legal battle.

Gradual Return of Functionality

Over time, some of the removed features have been reintroduced, such as allowing Google devices to be used in multiple speaker groups simultaneously.

Volume Controls Restored in Beta 2

Android Authority noticed that in Android 15 Beta 2, Pixel phones’ volume buttons can once again adjust the volume of connected Cast devices in a speaker group. This was tested using two Nest Hub devices and YouTube Music.

It’s back!

While the exact changes remain unclear, it appears that Google has found a workaround to the legal issues that led to the removal of this feature.

Other Beta 2 Changes

In addition to the return of speaker group volume control, Android 15 Beta 2 also introduces a significantly updated volume panel to Pixel devices, among other changes.

Stable Release Expectations

Currently, the restored functionality is only available to those who install the latest beta. However, if everything goes smoothly, this feature will likely be included in the stable release of Android 15.


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