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Android Auto Bug Fixed: Update WhatsApp for Voice Commands

TL;DR: A widespread Android Auto bug affecting WhatsApp voice commands has been fixed. Update WhatsApp to version and ensure Android Auto is on the latest stable build to resolve the issue.

Widespread Android Auto Bug Resolved

Android Auto doesn’t always offer the most reliable experience. Bugs have become painfully common in this world.

The good news is that Google and software developers are more committed to improving the user experience. This doesn’t always mean faster updates, but at least some reported bugs get fixed.

Fortunately, Google managed to resolve a widespread glitch almost in record time.

WhatsApp Users Affected

If you’ve been using WhatsApp while driving, you probably noticed a key feature was broken on Android Auto.

You’re not supposed to touch your phone while driving. The only way to continue your conversations on WhatsApp is with Google Assistant.

The digital assistant is deeply integrated into Android Auto, allowing hands-free control of apps and features.

Unfortunately, voice command support on Android Auto is often broken. WhatsApp users learned this the hard way.

Voice Commands Not Working

Sending a message with Google Assistant on WhatsApp no longer worked as expected. The assistant claimed they sent the requested text without actually processing the command.

You could no longer chat with your contacts hands-free. The worst part is that users didn’t know their messages weren’t sent unless they manually checked in WhatsApp.

It wasn’t clear at first if Android Auto or the Google app was the culprit. Google has now confirmed that a fix is live.

Update WhatsApp to Fix the Issue

The app you must update is WhatsApp. The broken voice commands were caused by a glitch in the latest version of the messaging app.

To correct the issue, install WhatsApp version from the Google Play Store.

Several users have confirmed on Google’s forums that the expected voice command behaviour will be restored once the update is installed.

If you’ve enabled automatic app updates on your Android device, the latest version should be on your device. You can also trigger an update check manually.

If you don’t see the new version on the Google Play Store yet, you can download and install the latest WhatsApp build with the stand-alone APK installer.

Update Android Auto Too

You should also update Android Auto to the latest version – the most recent stable build is 11.7.

New beta and stable updates should start rolling out soon. However, you shouldn’t install pre-release builds unless you’re ready for a less refined experience and you’re ready to contribute with feedback to help improve Android Auto.


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