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Foursquare: review

Rating3 stars
WorksWorks in all countries. Internet coverage necessary.
Type”Check-in”, tips, pages and updates from liked pages
PlatformiPhone, Android and Blackberry

The Bottom Line: The next level of Facebook check-in’s

Location technologies:

GPS – Yes
Wi-fi access points – No
Cell-towers – No


With Foursquare you are able to check-in to all the spots that are visible on the map for your area. However that makes it possible to check-in to a spot fairly far away from your actual location.


The app claims to have “Check-ins” from over 200 countries, so according their information the app is global. However, you need internet coverage in order to check-in.

Ease of use:

I must say this app surprised us; it was a lot better than the other phone tracking/sharing apps. We are a bit skeptical to the concept of check-ins, but a lot of people seem to enjoy it on Facebook. The “Check-In” is simple and easy to use, you can also click on the places in your area and see what others have said about it. You can choose alerts when you’re passing by fun stuff or one of your friends is in your area, a lot more interactive than the Facebook “Check-in”.

You can also like pages you are interested in to get latest information and location ideas.

Really cool concept we hope it grows!


The design is pretty cool and yet functional, it definitely has a juvenile touch to it, targeting the teenage audience.


You can choose how much you want to check-in.




None. It’s completely free.

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