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“Friend Finder +”: review (FAKE)

Important information

Please note that this app is a scam. It simply doesn’t work & tries to lure you to upgrade. Avoid at all cost.

Name:Friend Finder +
Rating0 stars
WorksAll over the world. You need internet and cell coverage.
TypeTracking phone number
PlatformiPhone only

The Bottom Line: Fake app for location tracking. This app is a FAKE!

Location technologies:

GPS – Yes
Wi-fi access points – No
Cell-towers – No


Not able to position a phone at all, it searches and swings between North America and Asia. After several attempts to locate (in Europe), the location was way off.

After 10 minutes of searching we got a pop up from the app suggesting to us to upgrade to a “Diamond version”, for fun we tried it… nothing happened. We also went to the “Store” where we could find the premium version “Diamond version”, all upgrade links didn’t exists.

Conclusion: This app is a FAKE!


Not listed.

Ease of use:

Simple but worthless, since the positioning didn’t work.


Looks cheap, and seems to be inspried på Spy trackers that claim to track another phone’s location without the persons consent.


None for the person “being positioned”.




None listed (for upgrades)

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