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Phone Tracker for iPhone: Review

Name:Phone Tracker
Rating0 stars
WorksWorks in all countries.
TypeCell Phone Tracker (tracking other people's phones)
PlatformiPhone only

The Bottom Line: The app only shows the location of your own iPhone. To see other peoples phone location (skeptical to if this really works, breathes fake) it requires you to upgrade to a paid version of the app. Skip this one on the latest iPhones with iOS6 you have this already set-up by default, it’s called Find my iPhone, track your iPhones location if you misplace it.

Location technologies:

GPS – Yes
Wi-fi access points – No
Cell-towers – No


Good accuracy since it uses the GPS within the iPhone, therefore it is equally accurate as my default maps location on my iPhone.

When I position my phone I get a message that I need to upgrade in order to see other phones other than my own. It also says that the position will be better if the person has been positioned earlier with the app.

I’m very skeptical to the fact that the app will help me with that, so I’m not going to download the full version.

This app screams fake!


You only need internet for the positioning to work, same as the maps.

Ease of use:

Extremely simple, but I already have this installed by default on my iPhone. It’s called Find my iPhone.


Simple, but not a very elegant design. Probably inspired by spy tracking and satellite GPS tracking software. It makes you wait 30 seconds for information you get directly anyway through your iPhone.


Not sure of the upgraded version.


Free. Upgrade to see other peoples location?


None I could find.

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