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Find Friends iPhone phone tracker/friend finder: review (FAKE)

Name:Find Friends
Rating1 star
WorksWorks in all countries.
TypeLocate/track friends phones and chat.

The Bottom Line: Didn’t really work to log in and locate, although the app itself looks good. Inspired by Apple’s design-winning Find my Friends app, indicating it might in need be another fake phone tracking app with Asian roots.

Location technologies:

GPS – Yes
Wi-fi access points – Yes
Cell-towers – No


Couldn’t get the log-in to work, tried two times with different email addresses and “avatars”. Didn’t work to locate, therefore can’t say much about the accuracy


All you need is Internet coverage.

Ease of use:

Simple, yet all of a sudden I was suggested to chat with a Chinese woman (only about 7000 kilometer away), not really what I had in mind. Smells fishy.


Looks pretty good, too bad I didn’t get the location to work. However the theme is very much a copy of Apple’s Find My Friends.


You are forced to upload a picture “avatar”. Wasn’t really keen on doing that.




None listed.

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