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iOS 17.5 Brings Fresh iPhone Features Ahead of iOS 18 Preview

TLDR: iOS 17.5 brings cross-platform tracking detection, Apple News Plus enhancements, third-party app availability in the EU, and new Pride wallpapers ahead of the iOS 18 preview.

WWDC 2024 is less than a month away. But Apple isn’t done fine-tuning its current iOS yet.

iOS 17.5 is out now. It’s ready to install on any iPhone running iOS 17.

What’s New?

Since we’re late in iOS 17’s cycle, don’t expect major new features. However, there are some notable additions:

  • Cross-platform tracking detection
  • Apple News Plus enhancements
  • Third-party app availability in EU countries
  • New Pride Collection wallpapers

Let’s look at each one.

Cross-Platform Tracking Detection

Since iOS 14.5, your iPhone notifies you about unknown AirTags or Find My accessories moving with you. This prevents secret location tracking.

iOS 17.5 extends this to other Bluetooth trackers. Apple and Google teamed up to develop this cross-platform feature.

If a Bluetooth tracker moves with you, you’ll get an iPhone notification. This works regardless of the device’s platform. Android 6+ users can also use this.

Apple News Plus Enhancements

Apple News Plus subscribers get two new features in iOS 17.5:

  1. Quartiles: A new word game alongside crosswords. Only available in the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Offline mode: Articles, audio, and games are stored on your iPhone for offline access. Happens automatically, but you can adjust the settings.

Third-Party Apps in EU Countries

iOS 17.4 let EU residents download apps from third-party stores. iOS 17.5 takes it further.

App makers can now offer direct downloads from their websites. They have to fill out an Apple form and agree to the terms. But if successful, they can offer apps directly to consumers.

Pride Collection Wallpapers

June is Pride Month. That means new iPhone wallpapers.

To find them:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Wallpaper
  3. Look for the Pride section when adding a new wallpaper

There you have it. The key iOS 17.5 updates in a nutshell. While not revolutionary, they offer some useful enhancements and additions.


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