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Google Working on Faster Android Data Migration

TLDR: Google is developing a faster data migration process for Android phones using simultaneous wired and wireless connections and a new “Restore Anytime” feature.

Google is toiling to make switching to a new Android phone a breeze by speeding up data transfer between devices.

Currently, migrating data can be a sluggish process, whether done wirelessly or via a wired connection.

Simultaneous Wired and Wireless Transfer

Code sleuth AssembleDebug spotted evidence of a new “MultiTransportD2DTransport” process in Google’s Data Restore Tool.

This method would expedite data transfer by utilizing both wireless and wired connections simultaneously.

Users may see a prompt asking, “Want to speed things up?” and informing them about “Copying using cable and Wi-Fi for fastest speed.”

Restore Anytime Feature

Google is also developing a “Restore Anytime” option, allowing users to migrate data from an old device even after setting up their new phone.

Presently, data can only be transferred during the initial setup process.

The shared screenshot suggests existing data on the new phone will merge with the transferred data, preventing any loss.

However, there’s a catch.

Data can only be migrated from a device previously used for copying data, and settings changed on the new phone won’t be overwritten by the previous device.

Room for Improvement

While these enhancements to the Data Transfer Tool are welcome, Google should address its inability to transfer app data between devices and streamline the process when transferring between different phone brands.

Apple’s seamless data migration between iPhones sets a high bar for Google to match.

The company may officially announce these improvements with the upcoming Pixel 8a or Android 14’s next Feature Drop.


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