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Google Chat to Introduce AI-Powered On-Demand Conversation Summaries

TL;DR: Google Chat to introduce an AI-powered Smart Summary feature, allowing users to generate on-demand conversation summaries by long-pressing a thread, with user feedback improving accuracy over time.

Google is preparing to roll out a new Gemini-powered feature for Google Chat on Android, which will allow users to request quick summaries of conversations on demand. This feature, called Smart Summary, aims to help users catch up on important parts of long conversations without having to scroll through everything.

How Smart Summary Works

PiunikaWeb discovered mentions of the Smart Summary feature while digging into the Google Chat app’s code for Android. The feature uses AI to generate summaries of conversations whenever users request them.

A game-changer.

Putting Users in Control

While Google Chat already provides automated summaries, the new Smart Summary feature will give users the ability to generate summaries manually for specific threads whenever they want. This puts users in control of what information is highlighted, ensuring that key points are not missed.

Activating Smart Summaries

According to PiunikaWeb’s findings, activating summaries in Google Chat will be a simple process. Users will need to long-press a conversation and likely tap a button to generate a summary.

AI Limitations and Disclaimers

It’s important to remember that these summaries are generated by an AI model, and like any AI, there may be some limitations. Google Chat will ensure that users are aware that the summaries may not always be perfect and that they do not represent Google’s opinions, which is a standard disclaimer for AI-generated content these days.

Expanding Gemini-Powered Summaries

The introduction of Smart Summary in Google Chat follows the recent addition of Gemini-powered summaries in the Gmail app. As AI continues to prove its value in helping users manage their communication more efficiently, we’ll likely see similar features rolled out across other Google apps in the future.

Stay tuned.


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