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Galaxy Phones and Tablets to Get Better Battery Life with One UI 7 (Android 15)

TLDR: Android 15 and Wear OS 5 improve battery life on Galaxy phones, tablets, and watches through faster Doze Mode and more efficient co-processor usage.

Every big new Android version makes devices more efficient, private, and secure. Google showed Android 15 at Google I/O 2024, which made these things better. Android 15 makes the battery last longer when the device is in standby mode.

Up to 3 Hours More Battery Life for Galaxy Phones with Android 15 (One UI 7)

Dave Burke and Sameet Samat from Google told Mishaal Rahman how Android 15 makes battery life better. Doze Mode, which came with Android 6.0, is when a device does background tasks after being in standby for a long time. Android 15 makes Doze Mode better.

Devices with Android 15 will switch to Doze Mode 50% quicker than those with Android 14. This means some Android phones lasted up to 3 hours longer in Google’s tests. All Android 15 devices will benefit from this core change.

Galaxy phones and tablets will get these improvements with the One UI 7.0 update based on Android 15. Samsung has already started internal beta development of One UI 7.0 for the Galaxy S24. The One UI 7.0 Beta Program could open in Q3 2024, with the stable update in Q4. The Galaxy S24 will be first to get One UI 7.0.

Galaxy Watches Could Also See Battery Life Boost with One UI Watch 6.0 (Wear OS 5)

Battery life is also better in Wear OS 5, shown at Google I/O 2024. Smartwatches with Wear OS 5 use up to 20% less power during workouts like marathons. This is because the main processor goes back to sleep faster after waking up.

The co-processor can then take over background tasks like collecting sensor data more quickly. Since the co-processor is more power-efficient, it uses less power and makes the battery last longer. Galaxy Watches will get this improvement with the One UI Watch 6.0 update later this year.

Exciting times ahead!


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