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Apple Promises Five Years of iPhone Security Updates

TLDR: Apple commits to providing iPhone security updates for at least five years, until 2028.

In a recent UK filing, Apple has committed to providing at least five years of security updates for the upcoming iPhone 15. This disclosure is part of Apple’s plan to comply with the UK’s new PSTI Act, which requires companies to define the minimum length of time they will offer security updates for internet-connected products.

Five years is just the minimum.

Apple has a history of supporting older phones beyond this timeframe, occasionally pushing security updates to devices like the nearly 10-year-old iPhone 5S.

The “defined support date” for the iPhone 15 is set as a minimum of five years from its release date on September 22nd, 2023, meaning updates should continue until at least 2028.

While Apple typically doesn’t specify how long iPhones will receive security updates, competitors Google and Samsung have guaranteed seven years of updates on their newer devices.


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