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Apple Boosts Trade-In Prices for Old iPhones

TLDR: Apple temporarily boosts Trade-In prices for old iPhones until June 3. While convenient, better deals may be found elsewhere. Consider if not waiting for the iPhone 16.

Apple has increased its maximum Trade-In prices for old iPhones, but only until June 3. This move encourages customers to buy the new iPhone 15.

A Gentle Nudge

The credit boosts during this period are small, ranging from $10 extra for models like the iPhone SE (3rd gen) to $30 extra for the iPhone 13 mini. However, the actual amount depends on the condition of your handset.

Find Out More

To discover the exact value of your phone, visit the official Apple Trade-In page and provide details about its storage, serial number, and more.

Easy Process

Once your trade is confirmed, you can either mail in your old phone or drop it off at an Apple Store. Apple will then refurbish your old phone and sell it to a new owner or recycle it if it’s in poor condition.

Recycling Improvements

Despite historical issues with Apple’s recycling process, the company claims that its recycling has improved significantly since the 2020 lawsuits. A spokesperson stated, “We’re pioneering innovative new ways to recover the valuable materials inside.”

Better Deals Elsewhere

While Apple’s price boosts are welcome, you can likely get more money for your old iPhone by checking comparison sites, retailers, or private sales on platforms like eBay.

Should You Use Apple Trade In?

Convenient but Limited

The benefit of going with Apple is convenience. If you’re planning to buy a new iPhone, trading in your old one at the same time can save you time and hassle.

More Money Elsewhere

An unlocked iPhone 13 in good condition with its original box can fetch around $350 on sites like ItsWorthMore or Swappa, which is more than Apple’s boosted Trade value of $320 until June 3.

Transparent Recycling

Despite recent reports about Apple’s problems with e-waste and recycling contractors, the company remains one of the more transparent ways to recycle your old iPhone if it’s not in resale condition.

Worth Considering

These boosted Apple Trade-In prices could be worth taking advantage of over the next week, but only if you’re not holding out for an iPhone 16, which is expected to launch in September.

It’s your call.


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