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Android Apps to Introduce Face-Controlled Cursor

TLDR: Android apps to introduce face-controlled cursor using Google’s open-source Project Gameface, inspired by quadriplegic gamer Lance Carr.

Google has made Project Gameface’s code open-source for Android developers. This hands-free gaming ‘mouse’ lets users control the cursor with facial expressions.

Intuitive and Personalized Control

Developers can now integrate this accessibility feature into their apps. Users can move the cursor by opening their mouths or click and drag by raising their eyebrows.

Project Gameface uses the device’s camera and MediaPipe’s Face Landmarks Detection API to track facial expressions and head movements. It translates them into intuitive, personalized control.

Customizable Experience

Developers can build applications that allow users to customize their experience by configuring:

  • Facial expressions
  • Gesture sizes
  • Cursor speed
  • And more

Beyond Gaming

While initially designed for gamers, Google has partnered with Incluzza, an Indian social enterprise focused on accessibility, to explore expanding Project Gameface to other settings like work, school, and social situations.

Inspired by a Quadriplegic Streamer

The project was inspired by Lance Carr, a quadriplegic video game streamer with muscular dystrophy. Carr collaborated with Google to create a more affordable and accessible alternative to costly head-tracking systems.

Project Gameface aims to empower users with a novel, hands-free way to interact with their devices.

It’s a game-changer.


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