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Android 15 Developer Preview 2: Unveiling 3 Major New Enhancements

TLDR; Android 15 Developer Preview 2 unveils exciting features, including app archiving for space management without data loss, a nascent audio-sharing capability for communal listening, and an “HQ” setting for superior webcam video quality. These innovations hint at a more versatile and connected Android experience in the near future.

Android 15 Developer Preview 2 has just landed, offering a glimpse into the future of Android capabilities. While it may seem like a modest update at first glance, the details reveal a trio of enhancements set to redefine our mobile interactions. Here’s a closer look at what’s new and noteworthy.

App Archiving Comes to Life

Imagine reducing your app clutter without losing data or login credentials. Android 15 makes this possible with app archiving. By simply long-pressing an app and selecting the Archive option, you effectively put the app in hibernation, freeing up precious space. Restoration is just as easy, ensuring your app and its data spring back to life with a tap.

Share Your Sound: Audio Sharing

Android 15 is on the verge of revolutionizing how we share audio. A new feature, still under wraps, hints at the ability to stream audio from your device directly to others’ headphones. Inspired by similar technologies, this development promises to turn your phone into a communal entertainment hub, perfect for shared listening experiences.

Webcam Quality Leaps to ‘HQ’

For many, using a smartphone as a webcam has been a compromise in quality. Not anymore. With the introduction of an “HQ” setting, Android 15 DP2 promises to elevate your video calls to high-definition clarity. This feature, easily toggled in the webcam settings, ensures your Pixel phone can deliver stunning video quality that rivals dedicated webcams.


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