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Android 15 Will Take Spatial Audio to the Next Level — Here’s How

TLDR: Android 15 will improve spatial audio using Bluetooth LE connections, offering better immersion and battery life. Other features include finding turned-off devices, private spaces, and secured background app launches. Users can test Android 15 through the Beta Program.

The sound is all around us.

Android 15 could improve the spatial audio experience on Android phones by using Bluetooth Low Energy Audio connections, allowing for more support for the feature.

More Immersive Experience

This news comes from Mishaal Rahman from Android Authority, who breaks down the announcement from Google I/O that confirmed support for dynamic spatial audio over a Bluetooth LE connection. This change will open up the tech to an increasing number of LE audio-compatible products and offer lower head-tracking latency and better bandwidth utilization, meaning a more immersive experience.

Spatial audio allows users one of the best experiences when watching movies because the software lets users feel like they are in the middle of the action. The software does this by digitally creating a 360-degree soundscape and fixing the point of origin for certain sounds. So, if you hear someone speaking and move your head, the voice will change location.

Not New

The feature has been around for a while, with Apple first using its Spatial Audio feature on its Airpods Pro and AirPods Max and Samsung offering its own 360 Audio for certain Galaxy Buds models.

Battery Life Benefits

Another benefit of a Bluetooth LE connection is that its low-energy transmission can help increase the battery life of your products. This will also benefit the recently announced Android 15 feature that offers better hearing aid management, including support for hands-free calling, checking battery levels, and a new dedicated Quick Settings tile.

Other Android 15 Features

Android 15 isn’t full of exciting new features (unlike what’s been rumoured for Apple’s upcoming iOS 18), but reports indicate several quality-of-life improvements. For instance, the update could include a new feature to find turned-off devices as long as they have a small amount of battery remaining.

Test it.

The Android 15 Beta 2 also showed several new features, including private spaces and secured background app launches.

Enrolling in the Android Beta Program allows you to test Android 15 for yourself. In the meantime, it is worth upgrading your current headset, and we have a list of the best headphones chosen by experts to help you choose.


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