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10 Exciting Features to Anticipate in the iPhone 17 Series, Coming September 2025

TLDR: The iPhone 17 series, expected in September 2025, will feature under-display Face ID, new display sizes, 120Hz ProMotion, an Apple-designed Wi-Fi 7 chip, a 48MP Telephoto lens, a 24MP selfie camera, a scratch-resistant anti-reflective display, more memory, a smaller Dynamic Island, and a new “Slim” model. These significant upgrades make the iPhone 17 worth waiting for.

If you’re considering skipping this year’s iPhone 16 or simply curious about what’s on the horizon, here are 10 rumoured features we expect to see in the iPhone 17 series, slated for release in September 2025.

1. Under-Display Face ID (iPhone 17 Pro & Pro Max)

The iPhone 17 Pro is expected to be the first iPhone to feature under-panel Face ID technology, with only a circular cutout for the front-facing camera visible externally. This will likely be Apple’s last premium model with a circular cutout before adopting under-display cameras in 2027 for a true “all-screen” appearance.

2. New Display Sizes (iPhone 17 & 17 Plus)

While the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are rumored to have larger displays (6.27″ and 6.86″, respectively), the iPhone 17 is expected to adopt the 6.27″ display size, and the iPhone 17 Plus may feature completely new display dimensions.

3. 120Hz ProMotion & Always-on Display (iPhone 17 & 17 Plus)

Apple plans to expand ProMotion to its standard models in 2025, enabling smoother scrolling, video content, and an always-on display that shows the Lock Screen’s clock, widgets, notifications, and wallpaper even when the device is locked.

Exciting times ahead.

4. Apple-Designed Wi-Fi 7 Chip (iPhone 17 Pro & Pro Max)

The premium 2025 models are expected to feature an Apple-designed Wi-Fi 7 chip, allowing for simultaneous data transmission over 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands with a supported router. This will result in faster Wi-Fi speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connectivity while reducing Apple’s dependence on external suppliers.

5. 48MP Telephoto Lens (iPhone 17 Pro Max)

An upgraded 48-megapixel Telephoto lens on the largest premium device, optimized for use with Apple’s Vision Pro headset (launching February 2, 2024), will make the iPhone 17 Pro Max the first iPhone with an entirely 48-megapixel rear camera system, capable of capturing even more photographic detail.

6. 24MP Selfie Camera (All iPhone 17 Models)

The iPhone 17 lineup will feature a 24-megapixel front-facing camera with a six-element lens, maintaining photo quality when cropped or zoomed in and capturing finer details.

7. Scratch Resistant Anti-Reflective Display (All iPhone 17 Models)

The iPhone 17 will feature an anti-reflective display with a “super-hard anti-reflective layer” that is more scratch-resistant than Apple’s current Ceramic Shield.

8. More Memory (iPhone 17 Pro & Pro Max)

Apple’s Pro models in 2025 will come with 12GB of RAM, allowing for improved multitasking and providing additional resources for AI features that require large-language models to be resident in memory.

9. Smaller Dynamic Island (iPhone 17 Pro Max)

Apple’s highest-end 2025 iPhone will feature a significantly narrower Dynamic Island, thanks to the adoption of a smaller “metalens” for the Face ID system. This would be the first change to the Dynamic Island since its debut on the iPhone 14 Pro in 2022.

10. iPhone 17 “Slim” (iPhone 17 Plus)

Apple plans to launch an all-new iPhone 17 model with a “significantly thinner” design, featuring a “major redesign” that could see the rear cameras relocated from the top-left corner to the top-centre, along with a narrower Dynamic Island. This device, rumoured to have a 6.5-inch display, may replace the iPhone 17 Plus model and could include an aluminium chassis, an A19 chip, and an improved front camera.

Get ready.

The iPhone 17 series promises to be a significant leap forward in design, performance, and features, making it a compelling upgrade for those who choose to wait. As we move closer to the release date, more details will undoubtedly surface, giving us a clearer picture of what Apple has in store for its 2025 smartphone lineup.


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