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iPhone 16 — Top Rumoured Enhancements

TLDR: The iPhone 16 is rumoured to feature advanced cameras, new display technology, a Capture button, unified A18 chips, Generative AI, 256GB storage, and Wi-Fi 6e, making it a highly anticipated upgrade.

This fall, the spotlight is on Apple as the iPhone 16 is anticipated to launch. Although the release is still months away, numerous leaks offer a glimpse into what the new models might hold, sparking interest in the upcoming upgrade.

Key Upgrades to Expect

1. Advanced Display and Camera Setup

Excitement surrounds the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus, with rumours of cutting-edge display technology and enhanced camera configurations. A notable shift to a vertical rear camera arrangement is predicted, moving from the diagonal setup seen in the iPhone 15. This new alignment, featuring a main 48MP camera stacked above a 12MP ultrawide, aims to support high-quality spatial video recording, a feature previously exclusive to the Vision Pro.

2. Display Innovations

Regarding the display, leaks suggest unchanged sizes of 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch, with the existing 60Hz refresh rate. However, the introduction of a thinner bezel could be a significant design tweak, contingent on timely production from Apple’s partners. The use of new OLED materials from Samsung could improve power efficiency, with the potential shift to a MicroLED display offering greater brightness and colour vividness while conserving power.

3. Introduction of the Capture Button

In a new twist, both the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus might feature a dedicated Capture button, enhancing photo-taking ease and precision. Positioned beneath the power button, this feature would include haptic feedback and a solid-state capacitive design, enabling pressure-sensitive operations akin to high-end mirrorless cameras.

4. Chipset Upgrade

Traditionally, Apple has used an older chipset in standard models while equipping Pro versions with the latest. This year, rumours suggest a unification across the board with the new 3-nanometer A18 chips in all iPhone 16 models, boosting performance significantly, especially for AI-driven tasks.

5. Generative AI Capabilities

Generative AI features are expected to be a highlight of iOS 18, potentially unveiled at Apple’s WWDC 2024. Innovations might include a new “Siri Summarization” ability linked to the ChatGPT API, enhancing Siri’s response capabilities. Additional AI functionalities could extend to photo and video editing, offering tools that rival those from competitors like Google and Samsung.

6. Increased Base Storage

The iPhone 16 is likely to start with a 256GB storage option, a considerable increase from previous models. This upgrade, paired with 8GB of RAM, would better accommodate the storage demands of high-resolution formats like spatial videos.

7. Wi-Fi 6e Integration

Finally, the new models are expected to support Wi-Fi 6e, enabling faster connectivity and improved performance in crowded network environments by accessing the 6GHz band.

These enhancements make the iPhone 16 a highly anticipated release, with potential upgrades that could set new standards for mobile technology. As we approach its launch, these features promise to make the new iPhone a compelling choice for users looking to upgrade.


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