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Google brings enhanced editing magic to older Pixels

TLDR: Magic Editor and other premium Google Photos features are now free for older Pixels and non-Pixel devices, with some limitations.

Great news for Pixel 6 and 7 users! The amazing Magic Editor, which wowed Pixel 8 owners, is now rolling out to older Pixels. This powerful AI tool lets you remove objects, change skies, resize subjects, and more – all for free!

A gradual rollout

Although Google planned a May 15th launch, the feature started appearing for users a week later. Keep an eye out for a pop-up in your Camera app, and make sure your Google Photos app is up-to-date.

Unlimited access to Pixels

Pixel owners can enjoy Magic Editor without limits. However, non-Pixel devices, including iPhones, get only 10 saves per month. To unlock more, you’ll need a 2TB+ Google One plan or wait 30 days for the quota reset.

Some requirements

To use Magic Editor, your device must have:

  • Android 8.0+
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64-bit chipset

Premium features are now free

Alongside Magic Editor, Google has made several premium features free for Android, iPhone, and Chromebook users:

  • Magic Eraser
  • Photo Unblur
  • HDR effect
  • Portrait blur
  • Cinematic photos
  • Portrait light
  • Video effects

Use these tools without limits!

Be patient

If you don’t see the new filters and editing tools yet, don’t worry. The rollout could take a few weeks to reach everyone.

Google’s generosity brings powerful AI editing to the masses, elevating your photos to professional levels. Embrace the magic and unleash your creativity!


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