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Epic Games Store Hits Android

TLDR; Epic Games is set to launch its Epic Games Store on Android, promising a unified, developer-friendly platform with an 88/12 revenue split. This move challenges existing market norms and capitalizes on recent Android updates to promote third-party stores, potentially reshaping the mobile gaming distribution landscape.

Epic Games is poised to shake the foundations of the mobile gaming world with its announcement to launch the Epic Games Store on Android. This bold move promises to create a “true multi-platform store,” extending its reach beyond the PC domain, where it serves as a notable competitor to Valve’s Steam.

What sets the Epic Games Store apart in the Android ecosystem? At its core, Epic is committing to equitable treatment for all developers. The familiar revenue split from its PC operations—developers keeping 88% of their game’s revenue, with Epic taking a modest 12%—underscores this commitment.

This arrangement starkly contrasts with Google Play Store’s more substantial cut, up to 30%, a figure halved only after the first $1 million in revenue since 2021.

This initiative is not just about fair financial terms; it’s a stride towards a more inclusive gaming community. Epic aims to democratize Android’s game publishing landscape, ensuring developers enjoy the same opportunities regardless of their size. Furthermore, Android 12’s enhancements for third-party app stores augment this vision, making it a timely venture.

While specific details about the game’s lineup remain under wraps, Fortnite’s inclusion is a given, considering its history and popularity. The Epic Games Store’s final design on Android is still a mystery, marked by conceptual representations. Yet, the anticipation builds as Epic schedules the store’s debut for later this year.

Epic’s journey on iOS has been tumultuous, marked by controversies and reconciliations with Apple. However, the focus on Android marks a clear path forward, potentially setting a new standard for mobile gaming platforms.


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