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3 Novel Approaches to Utilizing Google AI on Android at Work

TL;DR: Google AI on Android boosts employee productivity, helps developers build smarter tools, and improves business security through new features like Gemini, Circle to Search, and theft detection lock.

The modern workplace can be a frenzy. Staff juggle tasks. Leaders try to streamline operations and boost security.

Everyone works differently.

Yet, we all aim for efficiency and productivity. This is where AI-powered tools come in — nearly 75% of staff say AI has improved their work quality and output. Our goal to make AI beneficial for all extends to the workplace. Here are three ways new Google AI on Android features can simplify work for your staff and developers — and, in turn, for you.

  1. Boost Employee Productivity

Picture a workplace where emails practically write themselves. Meetings have automatic note-takers. Finding vital data is as easy as highlighting on-screen text. This is possible with Google AI on Android:

  • Brainstorm, plan, write, analyze, and enhance creativity and output for your teams on daily tasks with the Gemini App on Android.
  • Help mobile staff work smarter with Gemini on Gmail. They can summarize lengthy email chains, get suggested replies with Contextual Smart Reply, refine and proofread drafts, and ask Gmail questions — all on the go.
  • Record and auto-transcribe in-person meetings with Pixel’s Recorder app — assistants and project managers can now do these tasks quickly.
  • Circle an image or highlight text to rapidly get answers on your Android device. Using Circle to Search, an interior designer can find the lamp she’s looking for with Google Search results in seconds, without switching between apps and tabs.
  1. Enable Developers to Create Smarter Tools and Apps on Android

Google AI on Android can assist developers in building and deploying applications while simplifying software development. With Gemini Nano, developers can add generative AI features to their Android apps. At Android Enterprise, we are creating new APIs to unlock more innovative experiences for developers.

  • Build and test cutting-edge AI models to classify images, analyze text, translate languages, and more without complex coding. Developers at startups can get Android apps or new features to market faster with Google AI Studio.
  • Bring complex enterprise AI applications to life with access to powerful computing resources and 130+ foundation models, including Gemini. ML/AI engineers can build all this in one fully managed, unified development platform with Vertex AI Studio.
  • Learn to code faster with Gemini in Android Studio. Developers can get instant answers to coding queries, explore new techniques, and create test cases all within their familiar IDE.
  1. Protect Your Business with AI-Powered Security Controls

Strengthen business security with new AI features and device management options for your staff.

  • Manage on-device data security and set permissions by controlling Gemini Nano-powered AI features and Circle to Search using Android Enterprise.
  • Configure security settings, user permissions, and AI features with best-in-class protection and admin controls built into Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise from Google Workspace.
  • Protect business data in an unexpected situation if a device gets stolen. A theft detection lock can determine if a phone has been snatched by the motion and immediately lock it down to protect sensitive information.

The future of work is more capable with AI. We’re here to help make AI helpful for everyone. Discover how AI is transforming the future of work with us. Tune into our Android Talks AI episode to hear how Google AI on Android can bring mobile computing superpowers to the workplace.


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