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WhatsApp Introduces Passkeys on iPhone for Easier, More Secure Login

TL;DR: WhatsApp introduces passkeys on iPhones for easier, more secure login using biometric authentication, eliminating the need for SMS codes and enhancing security and accessibility.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has just launched a brand new feature for iPhone users. This feature, already available on Android phones, is now rolling out to Apple devices, making it easier and more secure to log into the app.

Passkeys are here!

In a post on X, the company announced that passkeys are now available on iOS. This new feature provides a more secure and convenient way to log back into WhatsApp using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

Why use passkeys?

WhatsApp explains that passkeys offer several advantages over traditional login methods.

First and foremost, passkeys provide an extra layer of security. By using your device’s biometric authentication, WhatsApp can verify that it’s really you trying to access your account.

No more waiting for SMS codes.

Passkeys also eliminate the need for SMS confirmation codes. If you’re traveling or have no network connection, you can still log into WhatsApp without waiting for a code to arrive.

How do passkeys work?

Passkeys store an authentication credential on your iPhone, which pairs with a corresponding credential saved by WhatsApp. When you attempt to log in, the two credentials are matched, allowing you to access your account seamlessly.

Enabling passkeys

To turn on passkeys, simply open WhatsApp and navigate to Settings > Account. If the feature is available on your device, you’ll see a Passkeys option. Tap it to enable the feature and enjoy a more convenient login experience.

A step forward for security and accessibility

Alice Newton-Rex, WhatsApp’s head of product, expressed excitement about the launch of passkeys, stating that they provide “an added layer of security” for users.

The introduction of passkeys demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing both security and accessibility within the app.

WhatsApp continues to evolve

With the introduction of passkeys on iPhone, WhatsApp continues to evolve and improve its user experience. This new feature showcases the app’s dedication to balancing strong security measures with easy accessibility for its millions of users worldwide.


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