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Latest Android 15 Beta Unveils Private Space, Predictive Back Upgrades, and More Exciting Features

TLDR: Android 15 beta 2 introduces Private Space, upgrades Predictive Back, and adds features for multitasking, privacy, and user experience.

Google has just put out a new beta version of Android 15, and it’s packed with exciting features that give us a peek at what’s coming in the final release.

Private Space is the biggest standout. It’s like a super-charged version of Samsung’s Secure Folder, letting you hide not just files, but also apps and notifications in a password-protected area.


Predictive Back is getting an upgrade, too. In Android 14, it was optional for developers, but in Android 15, gesture previews could become the default for actions like going back to the home screen or switching between apps.

Google’s goal with Android 15 is to boost productivity, save battery, keep apps running smoothly, protect privacy and security, and deliver a top-notch user experience. The beta includes features that work towards this, like:

  • Better multitasking on large screens, with a pinnable taskbar and the ability to save favorite split-screen app combos.
  • Improved access to selected photos and videos for apps with partial media permissions.
  • Tighter security to stop malicious background apps from taking over the foreground or abusing user interaction.
  • Smoother transitions into picture-in-picture mode.
  • A new “Choose how you’re addressed” system preference, starting with French and expanding to other gendered languages.

The second Android 15 beta is available now on devices from Lenovo, Nothing, Oppo, Honor, Xiaomi, and Google’s own Pixel phones. But before you rush to download it, keep in mind that pre-release versions of Android are mainly for developers to optimize their apps.

Bugs galore.

So unless you’re ready to deal with potential glitches, it’s best to wait for the full Android 15 release, which is expected to drop sometime between August and October 2024.


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