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iPhone SE 4 US Price Rumored, Could Feature Face ID and OLED Display

TLDR: iPhone SE 4, expected in 2025, may feature Face ID, OLED display, and USB-C port. US price could rise by 10% but remain under $499.

The iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to launch in 2025, and we now have an estimate of its likely US price. It could be higher than the starting price of the iPhone SE 3 in the US, possibly due to its rumoured new design and features like Face ID and an OLED panel. Here’s a rundown of the expected iPhone SE 4 upgrades and pricing details:

Estimated iPhone SE 4 US Pricing

According to tipster @Revegnus1 on X.com, the iPhone SE 4 price in the US could either remain the same or see a roughly 10 percent increase. Nevertheless, it could still be priced under $499 US dollars.

For comparison, the iPhone SE 3rd generation debuted in 2022 with a starting price of $429 for the base 64GB model, while the 128GB variant came in at $479. Only the 256GB model surpassed the $500 mark, launching at $579 in the States.

Expected iPhone SE 4 Upgrades

The price hike won’t be without justification. The upcoming iPhone SE 4 is expected to bring the following enhancements:

  1. iPhone 14-like makeover
  2. Face ID replacing Touch ID
  3. OLED screen instead of LCD
  4. Display size increase from 4.7 inches to 6.1 inches
  5. USB-C port replacing Lightning Port
  6. Action Button borrowed from the iPhone 15 lineup

Since Apple could reuse many components from previous iPhones for the SE, its price could be lower. The Information reports that the SE would be the “cheaper” option in Apple’s 2025 iPhone lineup.

Release Timeline and Supplier Bidding

Apple is expected to release the iPhone SE 4 in the Spring of next year. Since last August, display makers have been reportedly bidding to become its supplier.

Meanwhile, tipster @Revegnus1 has also leaked a possible Apple product roadmap, suggesting there’s much more to look forward to.

Exciting times ahead!


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