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GSM Tracking – Introduction to GSM cell phone tracking & it’s uses for Individuals and Companies

The concept of GSM tracking is fairly new, even though the first GSM network started its operation back in 1991. In general, provided that there is a network that the cell phone uses, it can be tracked effectively. This has been a concern for human rights activists, but there are laws in place that guarantee the secrecy of correspondence. Now tracking of the phones of persons who have given their consent can be used by anyone to help them in their daily life and even in their business.

How does GSM tracking work?

In order for any GSM device to make and receive calls, it must be connected to a network. In this network, the signals are picked up and transmitted by special transmission towers or masts. You may have seen smaller ones installed on buildings in your area of residence.

All GSM handsets emit a signal when they are turned on. This signal is picked up by nearby transmission towers. In this way, the phone can be connected to another one when a call is made or received.

The important point is that the signal is always picked up by transmission towers. This makes GSM cell phone tracking possible at any time. There is no need for the user to make or receive a call in order for the handset to be located.

The tracking technology uses the fact that each transmission mast has its own location and perimeter of operation. In this way, the location of the cell phone can be computed on the basis of its presence in a specific perimeter and on the basis of its distance from the respective mast. As the transmission mast receives and transits signals, the technology uses specific hardware and software to pick up the signal of the specific phone and to compute its location based on the data provided by the nearest transmission mast.

More advanced GSM tracking technologies for locating of GSM handsets can be used as well. These use the data not only from a single transmission mast, but interpolate signals form different ones located in the same area. This is possible because each mast in the respective area picks up the handset’s signal at different strengths. The system will produce an extremely precise and small perimeter in which the handset is located.

Do I need a GSM tracking device?

There are two major methods for GSM cell phone tracking:

  1. Newtwork-based tracking

  2. Handset-based tracking

The main one is network-based. It does not involve the use of any devices for locating a cell phone. It uses the signal emitted by the handset and transmitted by the transmission towers, which are part of the telecommunication company’s network and are property of this company. The company has all the necessary hardware and software for the purpose.

The other method for tracking is handset-based. This method requires the use of a GSM tracking device. The device has to be connected to the handset which is to be tracked. The advancement of technology has made it possible to have a microchip or specific software for tracking installed instead of a device. This microchip or software has its own identification code and produces a specific signal which allows for the exact location of the cell phone. The handset-based method is not widely used as not all cell phones are compatible with the hardware or software that has to be installed. Furthermore, the modification made to the handset may disrupt its normal functioning.

What are GSM cell phone tracking services?

These services are designed for use by the general public. They allow you to identify the location of people via their cell phone technology. You will be able to track only people who have given their permission to be traced by you. You will be able to locate your own cell phone in case it has been stolen or lost accidently.

Lociloci is a service which uses network-based cell phone tracking technology. Neither you nor the people who agree to be located by you will have to install any software or GSM tracking device on their handsets. You choose the people that you want to locate and Lociloci will send a formal request for them to be included in your tracking list. They will be included only after giving their consent.

You will be able to track these people from anywhere in the world at any time via the Lociloci website. You can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The website uses the highest level of encryption. This guarantees your privacy and the privacy of the people whose location you identify.

How can these services be useful to me?

Anyone with a cell phone will find these services useful. When you lose your phone, you not only lose a device which you have invested in. The handset contains the contact details of all people you know and work with. It most certainly contains personal information which may be sensitive and which may even be used for identity theft. With a tracking service, you will be able to find the missing device easily and quickly.

Parents of young children find cell phone tacking services particularly useful. They do not have to call their children and interrupt their activities. They simply have to check their kids’ location online to get the peace of mind that they are exactly where they should be.

Time is money in today’s world and business people know this better than anyone else. With GSM cell phone tracking, you can easily check if the person you are doing business with is in their office. This is quite useful to professionals working in sales and in business-to-business sales, in particular.

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