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Google TV’s new feature helps locate missing remotes

TLDR: Google TV’s Android 14 beta includes a “find my remote” feature, already supported by Walmart’s Onn streaming box, with wider availability expected.

Android 14 beta hints at “find my remote” functionality

The latest Android update for Google TV includes a handy perk to help users find misplaced remotes. Android Authority discovered references to a “find my remote” feature in the Android 14 for TV beta release, announced at Google I/O.

How it works

A text string within the update explains:

You can push a button on your Google TV to play a sound on your remote for 30 seconds. This only works with supported Google TV remote controls. To stop the sound, press any button on your remote.

Onn Google TV 4K Pro already supports it

AFTVNews found the same message on Walmart’s recently released Onn Google TV 4K Pro streaming box, which supports the new feature. It also shows a toggle to enable or disable it and a test button.

Pressing a button on the Onn streaming box triggers the remote-finding feature, causing the bundled remote to beep and flash an LED light within 30 feet.

Wider availability expected

The inclusion of Find My Remote support in Android 14 suggests it won’t be limited to Walmart devices and will come to other Google TV devices. However, older Google TV remotes without built-in speakers won’t support the feature, even with the Android 14 update.

Google’s plans unclear

We’ve asked Google for clarification on the Android 14 for TV update’s general availability and supported devices.


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