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Google Introduces 911 RCS Texting in Messages Across US

TLDR: Google introduces 911 RCS texting in Messages across the US, enabling users to text emergency services, send media, and share location information.

Google is making it easier to get help when needed by bringing 911 texting capabilities to Messages through RCS-enabled chats.

Gradual Rollout This Winter

The company will start “gradually rolling out” this feature across the US later “this winter,” in partnership with RapidSOS.

Improved Communication with Emergency Services

Users will soon be able to:

  1. Text 911 emergency services
  2. See when authorities begin responding
  3. Send high-quality images and videos to help them understand the situation better
  4. Share location information

This removes the guesswork when wondering if 911 received your text.

Addressing Limitations

Currently, only 53% of 911 centers in the US can accept text messages as communication, according to FCC data.

Google aims to bring its RCS to 911 feature to “every 911 agency in the United States” for free.

Transforming Emergency Response

Brian Fontes, president of NENA, expressed excitement about transforming the paradigm for 911 agencies across the US, moving beyond just voice connection.

Continuing Efforts

Google will continue to improve access to emergency centers through RCS, with hopes of making it the “standard for emergency services everywhere.”

This new capability will arrive for Android devices later this year.

Building on Security and Personal Safety

RCS helps keep texts private between users and the other person.

By joining 911 centers for emergency communications, Google sees this as a way of building upon security and personal safety.

The company has already rolled out other features like Fall Detection on the Pixel Watch and Crash Detection on Pixels to connect Android users to authorities.


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