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Google Gemini App Arrives in UK and EU

TLDR: Google’s Gemini app now available in UK and EU, can replace Google Assistant on Android.

Google’s Gemini app for Android has finally made its way to the UK and EU, several months after its initial launch.

Download from Play Store

Users can now download the app from the Play Store and start using Google’s Gemini as their virtual assistant.

Replacing Google Assistant

Gemini can even replace the Google Assistant if desired, but it’s an either-or situation – both cannot function simultaneously as your assistant.

Smart Home Limitations

It’s important to note that Gemini currently lacks the ability to interact with smart home devices, so those with numerous connected devices may prefer to stick with the Google Assistant for the time being.

Convoluted Approach

The decision to release Gemini as a separate app, rather than updating the Google Assistant, seems to be another example of Google’s sometimes needlessly convoluted approach.

Coming to iOS

In the coming weeks, Gemini will also be available on iOS through the Google app.


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