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Google Developing Faster Android Setup Process

TLDR: Google is developing a faster Android setup process using Wi-Fi and cable, along with a new Restore Anytime feature for seamless data transfer.

Google is toiling on a swifter way to set up Android phones, according to industry insider Assemble Debug. The method would utilize Wi-Fi and a cable simultaneously to expedite data transfer from an old device to a new one.

Faster Speeds Optional

While the exact speed boost is unknown, it appears users will have the choice to opt for the faster method or stick with the traditional cable-only approach.

A line of text discovered in the code reads, “Want to speed things up?” This suggests the quicker option will be elective.

New Feature: Restore Anytime

Assemble Debug also uncovered a feature called Restore Anytime within the Data Restore Tool files.

This would allow users to seamlessly transfer photos, contacts, messages, and more from an older Android or even an iPhone to a newer device without data loss or factory resets.

Confusion Surrounds Restrictions

However, the specifics around Restore Anytime remain perplexing.

Android Authority’s article presents contradictory information about the feature’s limitations.

It’s unclear if data can be transferred to brand new devices without first erasing the recipient phone’s data.

Google may still be ironing out the details for Restore Anytime, which could explain the confusing restrictions.

Alternatively, the company might simply be experimenting with technology it doesn’t plan to release.

Hopefully, some version of Restore Anytime will launch in the future, as the ability to move large amounts of data to new smartphones without hindrance or resetting could prove immensely beneficial to users.


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