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Apple’s Warning: Don’t Charge Your iPhone Overnight Under a Pillow or Blanket

TL;DR: Apple warns against charging iPhones overnight under covers or with damaged accessories, as it can lead to fires, electric shocks, and injuries.

For many, plugging in their smartphone is the final act before drifting off to sleep. Waking up to a nearly drained battery can quickly dampen one’s day.

Avoid Charging Under Covers

Apple’s support page, titled “Important safety information for iPhone,” cautions users against charging their devices under blankets, pillows, or their bodies while sleeping. The company advises keeping iPhones, power adapters, and wireless chargers in well-ventilated areas during use or charging, especially for those with physical conditions affecting their ability to detect heat against the body.

Fires have occurred when iPhones were charged under pillows or blankets. This warning applies to all smartphones, not just iPhones.

The Risks of Third-Party Chargers

Losing power adapters and charging cables often leads to the temptation of purchasing cheaper, off-brand replacements. However, unless these accessories bear the MFi (Made for iPhone) badge, Apple strongly discourages their use.

“Other adapters may not meet applicable safety standards, and charging with such adapters could pose a risk of death or injury,” the company warns.

Danger Signs

Apple urges users to be vigilant for the following signs of damage on power adapters, as they can be dangerous and warrant replacement:

  1. Damaged power adapter plug or prongs
  2. Frayed or damaged charge cable
  3. Excessive moisture exposure or liquid spills into the power adapter
  4. Dropped power adapter with damaged enclosure

While these warnings come from Apple, they apply to all smartphones regardless of the manufacturer. Some may view this as a ploy to encourage accessory purchases from Apple or certified companies, but as history has shown, opting for uncertified third-party charging accessories to save money could ultimately prove more costly than anticipated.


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