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Apple’s Slimmer iPhone: New Design in 2025

TLDR: Apple evaluating designs for a slimmer iPhone in 2025 with new camera placement and price.

Another report hints at a slimmer iPhone with a new design coming in 2025.

Evaluating Designs

An anonymous source told The Information that Apple is evaluating several designs for the slimmer iPhone model. Some include an aluminium chassis and a smaller hole and pill-shaped cutout for the front camera.

Screen Size and Camera Placement

The source mentioned that the slimmer iPhone will have a screen size between 6.12 and 6.69 inches. The rear camera module will be shifted from the upper left corner to the top centre.

Most Expensive Model?

Besides being thinner than current iPhones, The Information claims this new model could replace the Pro Max as the most expensive in the lineup.

Replacing the Plus Model

The Information’s claim follows analyst Jeff Pu’s report about Apple releasing the “iPhone 17 Slim” with a 6.6-inch display. Both reports suggest the slimmer iPhone will replace the Plus model.


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