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Apple’s Next Big Thing: The iPhone Slim

TLDR: Apple’s upcoming iPhone Slim may feature a slim design and high price, but its battery life could be a potential drawback compared to the Plus models.

Apple has tried various strategies to attract buyers with different preferences. They introduced the smaller 5.4-inch iPhone mini with the iPhone 12 in 2020 and continued it with the iPhone 13 mini. However, the mini models didn’t sell well despite some users wanting a smaller screen.

The Rise and Fall of the Plus Models

Last year, Apple brought back the “Plus” branding, last used with the iPhone 8 Plus, and created the iPhone 14 Plus. The Plus phones, including the upcoming iPhone 15 Plus, have the same display size as the Pro Max models and huge batteries. They lack the Pro camera array, the latest processor, and some Pro-exclusive features.

Despite the lower price for a large screen and impressive battery life, the iPhone Plus models have faced the same problem as the iPhone mini models: lack of sales.

Enter the iPhone Slim

Apple seems to be planning to dump the iPhone Plus model (the iPhone 16 Plus will be the last one) and replace it with the “iPhone Slim,” possibly debuting in 2025.

The iPhone Slim is rumored to have a screen size between the 6.1-inch basic iPhone and the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 16 Pro will get a hike to 6.3 inches, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a 6.9-inch display. The bezels on the iPhone Slim will be smaller.

A Premium Model with a Twist

Surprisingly, the iPhone Slim is expected to be a premium model priced above the iPhone 17 Pro Max. This has led some to believe that the “Slim” might actually be the long-rumored iPhone Ultra, named after the Apple Watch Ultra introduced in 2022.

The phone is said to have a new look, with the rear camera array moving from the upper left corner to the top center of the rear panel. It would feature an aluminum build with a smaller pill and circle cutout, resulting in a smaller Dynamic Island.

The Battery Life Conundrum

While the slim design might attract buyers, it could also be a double-edged sword. A thinner body might force Apple to use a smaller battery, potentially resulting in shorter battery life compared to the iPhone 16 Plus, known for its long-lasting battery.

It remains to be seen if consumers will be willing to pay more than the iPhone 17 Pro Max price for a phone with potentially shorter battery life. However, if the iPhone Slim turns out to be impossibly thin or has a groundbreaking design, it might still attract buyers despite the battery compromise.

A Redesign of iPhone X Proportions

According to three people with “direct knowledge of the matter,” the magnitude of the iPhone Slim redesign is comparable to the difference between the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X. If this holds true, consumers might be so dazzled by the iPhone Slim that the drop in battery life won’t matter.

Only time will tell if the iPhone Slim will be Apple’s next big hit or if its battery life will be its Achilles’ heel.


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