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Apple Set to Unveil Larger iPhone 16 Pro Max with Futuristic Design

TLDR: Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max to be larger with slimmer bezels, a futuristic design, and a new multi-purpose action button.

Apple is gearing up to release a bigger iPhone 16 Pro Max, according to a recent leak from reliable tipster Ice Universe. The leak, shared on Twitter/X, reveals that the upcoming iPhone will be taller, wider, and thicker than its predecessor.

Larger Screen, Slimmer Bezels

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to feature a 6.883-inch display, which is a notable increase from the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 6.7-inch screen. The new device’s dimensions are said to be 163.024mm x 77.575mm x 8.26mm, making it slightly taller and thicker than the previous model.

However, the larger screen size may not be entirely due to the increased dimensions. Ice Universe claims that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a bezel thickness of 1.153mm on all four sides, which could make it the world’s first phone with a “borderless sci-fi form factor.”

Battery Life and User-Friendliness

The larger size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max has led to speculation about a bigger battery capacity, which could result in improved battery life for users. However, concerns have been raised about the user-friendliness of the near-borderless design, as accidental touchscreen activation may become an issue when holding the device.

Apple’s Careful Approach

Apple is known for introducing new features and design changes slowly and carefully, so it is likely that the company has already considered and addressed potential user-friendliness concerns. The larger dimensions of the iPhone 16 Pro Max may also be related to the rumored revamped action button, which is expected to provide a new input method for the device.

A Versatile Action Button

Earlier leaks suggest that the new action button will be both capacitive and mechanical, allowing users to swipe and press it. The button is said to be able to register different levels of pressure, enabling users to activate separate tasks. While Apple is expected to market this as a camera button, reports indicate that it will be programmable.

The addition of a multi-purpose button that can be swiped, touched, and pressed could prove beneficial for users with smaller hands who may find the larger and thicker iPhone 16 Pro Max more challenging to handle.

Exciting Times Ahead

As Apple prepares to launch the iPhone 16 lineup in September, excitement is building around the potential new features and design changes. The larger iPhone 16 Pro Max, with its futuristic borderless design and versatile action button, is sure to be a topic of much discussion in the coming months.


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