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Apple Releases Emergency Fix for iPhone Bug

TLDR: Apple releases iOS 17.5.1 to fix a critical iPhone bug causing deleted photos to reappear, along with other issues introduced in iOS 17.5.

Apple has released iOS 17.5.1, an urgent update that fixes a serious iPhone bug. The issue caused deleted photos to show up again in the Photos library.

What’s Fixed?

The tech giant didn’t share many details about the fixes in iOS 17.5.1. However, it mentioned that the update addresses the iPhone photos problem I discussed last week.

Unprecedented Move

The release of iOS 17.5.1 is unusual. It comes just one week after Apple launched iOS 17.5, which fixed several critical security flaws.

It was important.

Despite its importance, iOS 17.5 introduced numerous bugs. It could be considered Apple’s most problematic iOS 17 update so far.

Explaining the Photos Bug

Apple expert Brandon Butch shed light on how the bug fixed in iOS 17.5.1 could have caused deleted photos to reappear in iOS 17.5.

Not a Security Risk

Butch clarified that Apple is not secretly saving your photos on a server. The issue is limited to your device and iCloud account, so it doesn’t pose a security threat.

Cause of the Problem

According to Butch, Apple discovered that the problem fixed in iOS 17.5.1 stemmed from photos being deleted from the Photos app but not the Files app.

Re-indexing Process

In iOS 17.5, the system re-saved all photos from Files into Photos during the re-indexing process, as explained in a Reddit post.

Lower Quality Photos

Butch noted that the Reddit post makes sense because some of the resurfaced photos in iOS 17.5 were of lower quality. Additionally, videos weren’t affected since most people don’t save them to the Files app.

Other Issues Addressed

iOS 17.5.1 likely resolves other bugs introduced in iOS 17.5:

  1. iMessage activation problems
  2. Siri’s inability to play playlists from the Music app
  3. Download redirections to iCloud Drive

Why Update Now?

Updating to iOS 17.5.1 is a wise decision. The new iPhone upgrade includes the security patches from iOS 17.5 and resolves the significant photo bug that troubled iPhone users.

Don’t wait. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install iOS 17.5.1 now.


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