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Apple Glitch Sends Erroneous Trade-In ‘Canceled’ Emails to iPhone Upgrade Program Customers

TL;DR: Apple sent incorrect ‘trade-in canceled’ emails to iPhone Upgrade Program customers who already completed the process. The emails can be ignored if the trade-in was successfully finished.

A curious email from Apple is making its way to iPhone Upgrade Program customers. The message is telling many who upgraded to an iPhone 15 last fall that their completed trade-in has been “cancelled” and the paid-off loan will “resume.”

Reports have been showing up this morning from users on Reddit, X, and the MacRumors Forums about the Apple glitch (via MacRumors).

Ignore it.

The email is originating from Apple and doesn’t appear to be a phishing attack as it’s coming from an apple.com domain.

Most of the complaints are coming from iPhone Upgrade Program customers who say (and even have shown proof) that they successfully traded in their iPhone 14 or other device back in September 2023. Some even traded in their device at an Apple Store in person.

However, Apple’s erroneous email today says “We never received your iPhone”, the trade-in has been “cancelled”, and the previous loan will “resume” seven months later.

We haven’t heard from Apple on the matter but it’s safe to say you can ignore these emails if you know you’ve already completed the process.

Did you get the same email today? Share down in the comments!


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