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Apple Faces Legal Heat Over iCloud’s Market Dominance

Apple vs EU Lawsuit

Apple, the tech giant everyone loves to discuss, is in hot water again. Remember that massive fine (€1.8 billion or $1.95 billion) from the EU over their App Store rules?

Buckle up because it looks like another legal storm is brewing, and this time, it’s all about iCloud.

So, here’s the deal: a new class action lawsuit accuses Apple of playing dirty in the cloud storage game.

They’re saying iCloud dominates the market – like, 70% dominance.

Now listen, Apple’s not alone in this space, right? Microsoft and Google are also big names. But it’s not that Apple’s the only option; it’s that they’re allegedly rigging the game to win.

The lawsuit says Apple has some sneaky rules about where you can store data from your iPhone or iPad.

For example, they allegedly won’t let other cloud services save certain things – stuff like your app info and device settings. The plaintiffs say this handcuffs you to iCloud and makes it impossible for others to compete fairly.

On top of that, the lawsuit claims Apple’s raking in pure profit from iCloud, and that’s a red flag for unfair pricing that only a monopoly can pull off. And here’s the kicker: if you want a complete backup of your iPhone, iCloud’s your only choice. That gives them a massive advantage no competitor can match.

This lawsuit could be huge – tens of millions of Apple users could be involved, and California residents who might have overpaid for iCloud are a big focus. They want Apple to stop their anti-competitive ways, pay them back, and formally state that they were wrong.

This case will spark a ton of debate around competition and choice in the tech world. Apple’s always been the innovator, but now they gotta defend their cloud tactics in court.

This one’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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