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Android’s Find My Device App Gears Up for AR and UWB Support

TLDR: Android’s Find My Device app is preparing to support AR and UWB for enhanced tracking capabilities, as revealed by a recent APK Insight. New features include AR Core integration, UWB support, and a Location History option.

The Find My Device app on Android is preparing to take tracking to the next level with the addition of AR and UWB support, as revealed by a recent APK Insight.

Current Functionality

Currently, the app uses Bluetooth and nearby devices to help locate trackers, narrowing down the search area and allowing users to play a sound when the tracker is nearby. However, it lacks directional assistance.

AR Core Integration

The latest update, v3.1.078-1, contains evidence that Google is working on expanded support for directional tracking. Strings within the app utilize AR Core, which allows Android apps to use their cameras for AR features, potentially providing an overlay for finding nearby trackers.

UWB Support

Code references also indicate upcoming support for UWB functionality, which would be particularly useful for trackers equipped with UWB, like those supported by Samsung and Apple. While not yet live, this suggests that UWB trackers may be coming to Android.

Location History Feature

Another addition is the “Location History” feature, not yet active, which Google describes as the ability to see “the last known location” of an accessory, with the option to turn it off.

App Description Improvements

The update also brings clarifications to descriptions throughout the app, enhancing overall clarity for users.

Exciting Prospects

The inclusion of AR and UWB support opens up exciting possibilities for Android users, potentially enabling more precise tracking and directional assistance. Samsung’s SmartThings app already utilizes AR for its SmartTag trackers, offering a glimpse into how this technology can enhance the user experience.

A Step Towards Parity

These developments are a significant step towards bringing Android’s tracking capabilities on par with competitors like Apple. As technology evolves, users can expect even more advanced features in the future.

While the AR and UWB support is not yet live, the groundwork is being laid for a more comprehensive and user-friendly tracking experience on Android. As UWB trackers become more prevalent, these new features will prove invaluable to users looking to keep track of their devices and belongings.


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