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Android Now Allows Simultaneous Download and Installation of Two Play Store Apps

TL;DR: Android has introduced a new feature that allows users to download and install two apps from the Play Store simultaneously, saving time when setting up a new phone or adding multiple apps.

Android users, rejoice! A nifty improvement has been made to the platform, allowing you to install two apps on your Android phone simultaneously. No more waiting for one app to finish before starting with the second one.

How to See It in Action

To witness this new feature, you’ll need to install two rather hefty apps. 9to5Google recommends picking two apps out of these three heavyweight options: Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. You’ll see that the pair you choose will download and install at the same time, instead of waiting for one to finish before starting the second one.

Keep an eye out.

Monitoring the Installation Process

You can monitor the apps as they get downloaded and installed on your phone via the Play Store or your home screen. However, keep in mind that the new simultaneous app installs are only available when you look to add new apps to your phone, and it only works on two apps at a time.

Don’t expect to install a handful of apps all at once. Any apps over two being installed simultaneously will show as “pending” on your phone.

Comparison with iOS

Interestingly, iPhone users have been able to download and install three apps concurrently from the App Store. While Android’s new feature may not be as extensive, it’s still a welcome improvement for Android users.

Limitations and Potential Improvements

It’s worth noting that the concurrent Android updates are for new installs only and will not work on app updates, even though it would be more useful if it could. This is because most smartphone users end up installing more app updates than new apps.

Benefiting New Android Phone Setup

Being able to download and install two apps at a time will come in handy when you’re setting up a new Android phone. Instead of having to fill up your phone with apps one-by-one-by-one-by-one, you can save time by using the Noah’s Ark method by downloading and installing apps two-by-two.


The new feature has been spotted on Pixel phones and tablets running Android 14 and version 40.6.31 of the Play Store.

A time-saver.


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