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Android 15 Beta Reveals Satellite Messaging for T-Mobile Users

TLDR: Android 15 Beta 2 reveals satellite messaging for eligible T-Mobile users, confirming the feature’s arrival in the upcoming OS release.

T-Mobile customers running Android 15 Beta 2 are now seeing a new settings page for satellite messaging, indicating the feature’s imminent arrival.

First Functional Appearance

While the satellite messaging menu has been previously spotted, this is the first time it has appeared in a working form for users.

Partnership Confirmed

Earlier reports revealed a partnership between T-Mobile and Starlink to support satellite messaging on 15 Android devices.

Accessing the Feature

To find the Satellite Messaging page, navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > SIMs > T-Mobile on devices running Android 15 Beta 2.


The settings page states, “You can send and receive text messages by satellite as part of an eligible T-Mobile account.” The user who shared the screenshot has T-Mobile’s Magenta plan, suggesting that Magenta users may be able to use the feature without additional costs.

No Restrictions

Unlike many satellite-based features launched in the past, which are designed for emergency use, Android 15’s satellite messaging appears to work anytime Wi-Fi and cellular are unavailable, without being limited to dire situations.

It’s unique.

Carrier Partnerships

T-Mobile’s partnership with Starlink and plans to launch text messaging by satellite this year likely explain why the carrier is the first to appear in the Android 15 settings app. Other carriers, such as AT&T, may appear in the future as they develop their satellite messaging strategies.

Confirmation of Android 15 Feature

The presence of the satellite messaging menu in the settings all but confirms the feature’s inclusion in Android 15. However, users will likely have to wait for their carrier to roll out support for satellite messaging before they can use it.


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