How to Track Your Partner without Them Knowing – Your Guide to Partner Tracking

Covert cell phone tracking

I want to track my partner. You have certainly heard these words from a friend, but you may have never thought that you would make such a statement. Most people want to keep an eye on their partner because they feel that their trust may have been betrayed. There are also those who worry too much about their partner and they want to make sure that their loved one is fine without calling him/her every five minutes.

There are various solutions to your problem. You can use different methods for tracking.

Before you pick a method, however, you should weigh its pros and cons carefully. You would not want to ruin your relationship just because of making a silly move.

Find the most popular methods which you can use presented and assessed objectively below.

The Traditional Way of Covert Partner Tracking

How do I track my partner? You can do it yourself. If you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you or that he/she has developed gambling addiction or anything else of this sort, you can readily spy on them. There are plenty of guides that will help you do this professionally without revealing yourself accidently. Use a DIY spying guide and follow the steps correctly. You just have to be prepared to face the consequences if you make an error.

Hire a private investigator: it’s a bit risky, but might be effective

Track your spouse

Hire a private investigator. This is no longer an option available just to the rich and famous. Anyone can hire a private eye to track their partner.

You just have to ask yourself whether this is worth it. Firstly, private investigators in the US charge from $200 per hour and up. You will have to pay for any additional expenses incurred during the investigation separately.

Another drawback of hiring an investigator is that things may get nasty if they catch your spouse cheating on you on film.

GPS Tracking of your Partner

This is the latest fashion in the world of amateur spying. The GPS technology can show the location of literally any object that has hardware and/or software for receiving a satellite radio signal. You can really set your fantasy free when it comes to GPS tracking and use various devices.

GPS car tracking (read our step-by-step guide here) is an option that all amateur spies can use. You can hide a tiny GPS tracking device inside the car of your partner and locate him/her from any computer that has an internet connection. If the car already has a GPS device installed, you can use special software for tracking.

This method is fairly safe and fairly inexpensive. It is bound to work well if your partner uses his/her car to go everywhere. However, if they use the public transport to travel to and from close locations in the city or if they want to hide conceal their activities by using taxi cab services, this tracking method will most certainly fail.

GPS cell phone tracking: smartphone apps

GPS phone tracking involves the installation of software on your spouse’s cell phone. Track my partner apps are for example readily available for iPhone devices and for ones using Android as well. You can install these apps secretly and your partner will never know that they are there.

Track my partner’s phone apps are readily available online, but you may not be able to find them at places such as Android Market simply because legal issues for the seller and developer may arise from their use. Furthermore, these apps tend to be quite expensive especially compared to ones for permitted GPS tracking. An even more serious problem is that no developer can guarantee that your partner will never discover the app. Consider this drawbacks carefully before making a choice.

Track my husband via cell phone tracking

Track my husband via cell phone tracking

GSM Tracking: Go for reciprocal tracking – what do they have to hide?

This method works by using the existing GSM network. You can readily use detailed explanation of how GSM tracking works, if you want the technical details. With this method, you can track any phone with a SIM card and not only smartphones. It does not involve the installation of any hardware or software. You can locate your partner by locating his/her phone anytime anywhere. The user does not have to make a phone call or send a text message in order to be located.

Legitimate GSM tracking services will require the permission of the phone’s user for their device to be located by you. Given this, the best way to go about is to enable GSM tracking for everyone in the family including yourself. Your spouse should not feel threatened or bothered by this as it is a standard measure for safety and for retrieving the device in case of loss or theft.

It is a bad idea to covertly take your spouse’s phone and give the permission on their behalf. This is because these GSM services usually have safeguards that send text messages to the cell phone being tracked reminding the the owner registered for the service.

How do I track my partner’s phone? You can go for traditional or risky GPS tracking. You can readily use a GSM tracking service that is inexpensive, honest, reciprocal and effective. The choice is yours.


  1. sue says:

    seeing what he is doin

  2. lisa says:

    I’m hopeing this works for me either way I will have alot off my chest. Pray for me tracker.

  3. Troy Cummings says:

    Please I’ve been with my fiance for two years and need to know what’s been going on because all her actions tell me she’s definitely up to something, I really need to know if I’m wasting my time and money since I just bought her a vehicle!! Please if u can help me and give me some closure to a long drawn out nightmare!!

    • Steven says:

      Hey Troy, I’m having the exact same issues with my wife. “All is good” she says..”I really love you” she says. But there’s MULTIPLE messages between her & other guys who are “friends” and she never shows me her Snapchats between her & these “friends”. What did you do & how’s it working out?

      • Lil says:

        Maybe try talking to her maybe she has friends and is concerned about your constant trust issues and is over having to prove herself you are pushing her away yourself by the sounds

        • GoodGuy says:

          It is best to know what is going on. Stop asking her this and that. Get a private eye and find out. If she is cheating… Go your separate ways and do not argue. Cheaters always want to play all the field.

      • curious George says:

        Did anything work for you im wanting to try but I only want to try one for sure method

  4. neo4happy says:

    i want to know the wherabouts of my fiancee

  5. fife says:

    I really hope this works

  6. mora says:

    I would love to use GSM tracking servises

  7. Aldrich says:

    Lost phone i have to track it

    • Brooke says:

      does this app really work beacause my dads iphone and his wallet has just been stolen out of his truck and we need to track it urgently and i need to know if this app really works?

  8. Aldrich says:

    I lost my iphone in the classroom

    • TLD says:

      Sorry for the late reply, Aldrich. If you’re only looking for an app to keep teach of your own phone, download Lookout Mobile Security app. Most of its functions are free, including phone locator and making your phone scream. The scream works even if the ringer is shut off. Personally, I think covert tracking of adult partners is rather stupid if the reasons are personal. If a relationship is at the point where trust has already been compromised, knowing where they are really isn’t going to help the relationship. And if nothing is going on, then the partner being tracked will rightly feel betrayed

      • Jerry says:

        If you don’t trust them and then find a new partner. You all deserve the best within the little time that we have here, so don’t waste your time. She or He, the right one that makes you feel comfortable and calm and so loved is out there. Spend your time to find them. Let these lost cheaters go. I feel sad for them. Its you they will come to miss and to learn from.

  9. Clinton says:

    Looking to track a iPhone 4 covertly

  10. Mr Harrison says:

    While I do understand “BIG” business, I don’t think you could find (100) One Hundred POTS (People On the Street, that would not agree that this is (1) one of those Programs that should be “free” to everyone.

  11. Bonnita says:

    I want to track my partner

  12. amanda hobbs says:

    i want to track my hubby.

  13. kevin says:

    need info on the gsm tracking device

  14. Rone says:

    Want to see were boyfriend is

  15. Roger says:

    Can a phone turned off still be tracked?

  16. Jackie says:

    how can i track a phone without having to accept a text message on the phone being tracked??? We have been trying to get in touch with someone for a few hours now. they aren’t responding to calls or texts. their parents are really worried!!!! the last time anyone heard from them was at 6:30 today….

  17. Joanne says:

    I want to track my husband. Need info on GMS tracking device

  18. andy says:

    I want to see where my partner is

  19. David Sellars says:

    Is it possible to find:
    1. A tracker to find LOCATION of partner at all times WITHOUT HIM KNOWING?
    2. Without the possibilities of HIDDEN CHARGES to turn up on phone bill that is in HIS name
    3. Without having to use his phone to lad something
    4.. Without accidentally getting caught at tracking, which would make matters WORSE!!!???

  20. GuardedWife says:

    I just have to know……. 🙁 :-/

  21. Gene Bargery says:

    I just want to track my baby cause you never know

  22. Gene Bargery says:

    I just want to track my baby cause you never know whats up

  23. Walter Agum says:

    its nice idea…

  24. jovel says:

    Is good to know

  25. Paul D says:

    I need to be able to track a phone.. Can you help me please?

  26. Crazy!! says:

    How to gps my mans phone without him knowing

    • Pinki says:

      Everything comes out in the wash… No one has respect for themselves or others relationships. Everyone always wants what I have because i make having nothing look good. Easy come easy go, mind over matter… If u don’t mind it don’t matter

  27. dave says:

    I just want to see if my wife is over her zed house

  28. Leslie alberts says:

    Want to track my wife

  29. terra says:

    I need help track my husband cellphone to know where at cuz he dose come at night iwant is he cheat on me so can uplease helpfor free

  30. Francis says:

    I want to track my partner coz she is cheating on me. Pls help me.

  31. Nia says:

    I would like to track my husband

  32. Dhenmark Tadeo says:

    I want to track my partner everytime he out.

  33. Kay says:

    Hey this would be very helpful to me. As my husband is a long haul truck driver and sometimes hard to reach. And always scared about him being in an accident and no-one will know where he is. With this I will be Able to put my mind at ease. How do I get it?

    • Monica says:

      Download life360 in both phones you and your husband . He needs to agree. My sister and her son both use it so they know where each other are all the time . Need smartphones.

  34. gut feeling says:

    my husbands i phone is provided by his work , can i still track it without getting caught

  35. hina says:

    Plz help i want to known abt my husband wht he’s doing my life become hell plz help

  36. ashley says:

    Well i want to know what my boyfriend is up to because as of now his family and i have no idea where he is and i want to know and plus i think he is up to something and i want to know what it is. And i have no money, please help me!!

  37. ben says:

    Wanna find out if girlfriend is cheating before we marry

  38. adriana says:

    I am trying to find my mother but all the apps are telling me is i have to send and invite but i cant do that cause i cant let her know.

  39. Jane dough says:

    I have an iPhone he has and android what tracking device would I use?

  40. teresa says:

    I would like to know how this works without him knowing I’m doing this

  41. teresa says:

    Does it have to be an I phone please help need to tra c know what he’s doing when I’m working

  42. Sharese says:

    I have a feeling my husband is cheating on me. He always come home after 2am after being at work from 6am-6pm. I need to know.

  43. Rose says:

    want to keep an eye where my husband is if he’s up to no good

  44. been hurt too many times says:

    I want to track my boyfriend only been with with him almost a month and I’ve been getting told things and he’s been acting funny plz tell me how to track his phone off mine without him knowing or having to accept it i need to know what he’s up to please

  45. HJS says:

    After the birth of my son my wife had some mental issues.
    For no apparent reason she disappeared but I know where she is.
    Her family is now loving the fact they got rid of me and are pushing my 2 year old into the trading position so they can do whatever they want to me.
    I came home from work and they demolished my house and stole everything in it. I dont care cause I want to protect my son asap !
    But they tell me to shut up or else my son pays the price… Unbelievable but that is not enough for the police to act.
    Child Protection is really failling me even after the police adviced them in this situation my son is not safe with her.
    Other agencies also are letting me down, offering me help to cope but they dont get it’s not about me but my son.
    Even the police is really disappointed by the agencies but they cant do much about it.
    I do have permission by the police and law since Im the father to take him to a hidden location where they will come to visit and check on him.
    The one thing they can not do is take him away because only the biological father has that right in my country.
    I can not use force except for a push to get him so I would need to grab him when they are walking on the street.
    The fact it will be traumatic for my son is something I want to keep to a minimal level but I need to find the best place to have easy access.
    Asking permission to track where they are will be refused and will blow my setup completely.
    Even posting this is a risk. If anyone can help me to track her phone without having access to her phone and in stealth it would certainly save my boys life.
    I have little time left cause he is in danger every day from an aggresive family, and let’s hope he will not be hurt more than the few marks he already has,
    Once I’ve got him the police will come to the registered location where he will be safe.
    Of course I miss my wife, and it hurts me to see the things she so carelesly does, but I need to save my boy first and get him to safety !
    I’m asking for my 2 year old son and a desperate father… please Help !

    • HelpMe says:


      I’m in the same helpless position – except I have four young children. Did you ever find out a way to track your wife?

      Thank you

  46. fed up says:

    Please tell me how to track my husband location without him knowing
    Also without having to have access to his phone

  47. njebs says:

    How to track my girlfriends phone without her knowing it?

  48. njebs says:

    Ilike to track my girlfriends phone without her knowing it

  49. rhonda george alleyne says:

    I have a feeling my husband is cheating on me

  50. JK says:

    I can’t believe how many sad people want to track their partners – if you don’t feel you can trust them now – you never will, end the relationship, move on, and find someone who is worth your trust, you will feel much more secure and happy.. – good luck !!

  51. Bruno says:

    how can i use gsm tracking or any other programs that doesn’t require any downloads on my partners phone?

  52. zanele says:

    I want to track my husband phone. Cell number 0834803193

  53. preetha says:

    I think my husband is cheating on me

  54. malena gonzalez says:

    I think he is cheating on me my husband.please help me

  55. Tracie says:

    Would like info for my kids

  56. Talcarey says:

    I know for a fact hes cheating……he denies everything…need a gps to catch the bugger

  57. Susie says:

    My husband has cheated on me many times yet i stay because of our 4 kids. He’s a good father. I’ve spoken with a lawyer and he said proof would help me if i left him for good. Need proof.

  58. Wali says:

    i need to know that where is my partner ..

  59. MaxPower says:

    Well…private eyes are too expensive…if this works I’ll be ecstatic, here’s the perfect reason for my search. (I wish I didn’t have to look for this type of product…and I say this with much hurt in my heart)

    “Times are hard
    You’re afraid to pay the fee
    So you find yourself somebody
    Who can do the job for free
    When you need a bit of lovin’
    Cause your man is out of town
    That’s the time you get me runnin’
    And you know I’ll be around
    I’m a fool to do your dirty work
    Oh yeah
    I don’t want to do your dirty work
    No more
    I’m a fool to do your dirty work
    Oh yeah
    Light the candle
    Put the lock upon the door
    You have sent the maid home early
    Like a thousand times before
    Like the castle in its corner
    In a medieval game
    I foresee terrible trouble
    And I stay here just the same
    I’m a fool to do your dirty work
    Oh yeah
    I don’t want to do your dirty work
    No more
    I’m a fool to do your dirty work
    Oh yeah”

    Steely Dan

  60. Michele schiedel says:

    Where can I get a tracking device that he won’t discover so I can catch him cheating for divorce coury

  61. Smartie says:

    Instead of worrying about accessing your partner’s technology, have you thought of planting one of your own, that you can access without issue?
    For example, charge an old iPod with Find My iPhone on it, hide it in partner’s vehicle, then when you have need, check it’s whereabouts. Just don’t make it play a sound! Then you will see their car’s location.
    You will have to get into the car to hide it, and retrieve it every few days for battery recharging of course.
    Best of luck everyone.

  62. Mike says:

    Ya also need a way to track wife and not know because it seems half everything is a lie and I wanna know if that one thing that matters is

  63. James Gibson says:

    must be getting close I was excited but now long process to get here and I’mmade a few mistakesthank you have a nice day

  64. Dani says:

    Need to find someone who owes me significant amount of money and all i got is his number…..

  65. Michelle says:

    Hello David and John, I need help on tracking my partner I know you hear this all the time but I’ve been in a relationship for almost 10 years and I was following my partner on iCloud until he found found out and now turns it off when he leaves to work every day. I’ve tried to find a device were I can only know about but I can’t find anything. I just want to know what’s going on so I can know if weather to let go or not he’s been really rude to me and calls me out of my name. Please help

  66. wob says:

    Hope it works need it bad

  67. JStringfellow says:

    I want to track my spouse without him knowing, secretly by cell phone, I wanted to track all places he goes, by his cell phone. How do I do it, is there an apps to download or any way it could be set up A.S.A.P. please, send info or help. Thanks

  68. Shayne says:

    Want to track my husband to be. Any help. Number to track 0749667358

  69. Nancy says:

    I want to track my husband without him knowing

  70. jackie says:

    I need to track my husband because I found messages on his phone stating to a friend that he went to eat with a girl. I don’t want him to know I’m tracking him. I asked him for the truth , but he says he just made that up and it’s not true.

  71. Carl says:

    Want check on my bride to be

  72. Carl says:

    Before its to late

  73. Kubs says:

    Want to track my husband without him knowing!

  74. Julie says:

    need to know please can u help me

  75. Lost says:

    I have been with this man for 5 years and he keeps getting texts at 3 in the morning and when I ask who it is I get told not to worry because I don’t need to know just that he cares for me.. So please tell me what I should do… Not sure how to handle it anymore…

  76. Michelle says:

    Would like to know where my partner really is when he says he’s working. Been known to be at bars.

  77. Ben says:

    will the person I’m trying to search to be notified of this and is this also a GPS find someone location at all times

  78. M.Tymon says:

    What do i need to do to get a tracking device on my partners mobile phone, i want to be able to read all his texts messages, listen to all his phone calls including back ground noise for not only his phone but also for the callers back ground noise too.i would like to be able to know everything he is doing via his mobile, it is a very up to date model samsung note 4….plzzzz can u send me infomation and tell me how much money it will cost and how long does it cost…thankyou M.Tymon

  79. Tammy says:

    I would like to try this site

  80. Soumya says:

    I want to track my husband without him knowing can you please help me tracking no 0556635297and the car numberC-36015

  81. lize says:

    Hay I’m lize, me and my boyfrien are 1year together and know each other for 8 years, 2months ago he cheated on me with loads of females and recently again but with a striper he told me he’s with his friend at a farm and later that morning he came with a beer breath and clothes thorn apart ..the reason telling you this is because i love him although he cheats, I still want to make things right..can you please tell me how to track him without him knowing I’ve tried a thousand times and more. I’m not going to track anyone but him just for a few months so I could know where his going, you know we are planning to start a family and I don’t want my child to be left without a father. If you can help please.

    • Bre says:

      Sorry to tell you but if hes cheated several times and with a stripper, you’re going to set your future ‘family’ up for failure. You think knowing where he is at all times will make him stop? Not at all. If you can’t trust that he won’t cheat then what’s the point he has no respect for you because he’s giving his dick and time to any girl with a vagina. You sound dumb as hell. Gain some confidence in yourself.

  82. Wendie says:

    My husband just recently moved out and I’d like to keep tabs on his whereabouts I’d like to use the G and SM tracking system

  83. tesha says:

    he lies about his where about all the time and it make no sense

    • Lisa M. says:

      hey ya’ll,
      First of all, I just wanted to say hello to everyone sending posts about cheating spouses. Secondly, welcome to my world. My husband cheated on me throughout our whole lives together. Almost 14-15 years, and 6 kids later, I finally was so fed up with it, that I got the courage to leave.(Later, I found out that he told everyone that he only cheated on me, because I always cheated on him. Really? Even our own kids! Whatever. I did nothing wrong, but loved him with all my heart. And after 13 years of trying to move on, I finally found someone, whom I thought was worth all my love & trust. But after the last 5 years, I’m starting to think that I was wrong. I have tried giving him all of my trust, heart, & soul, as well as unconditional love. And all I get is suspicious looks, accusations of being suspicious, and jealous, and or accused of being not just jealous, accusatory, suspicious,. But told that I am seeing/imagining things or just plain crazy, jealous, and psychotic! Maybe I am. But before I commit myself to that belief, I want to be positive, that that’s exactly what is going on in my head.

  84. peter says:

    i need help to track my partner without her knoeing purely for reassurance and peace of mind

  85. Ella says:

    Do you know any legitimate GSM tracking services in Canada?

  86. Chelsea says:

    Just wanna c were my kids are

  87. June asuncion says:

    I need to know the exact location of my wife ria number of my wife.09503828266

  88. john says:

    want to know location of girlfriends phone

  89. Priscilla Espinoza says:

    My husband travel alot I’m not concerned that’s his cheating I just worry something might happen to him. I need an app where I can now his location without him having to check-in in. I have no problem with also installING an app on his phone.

  90. Anthony says:

    Is my chick cheating

  91. Linda says:

    i want to know and who my fiance is talking to

  92. Joey says:

    Hey I need this cause my girlfriend is fucking her kids…one is 17 yrs old. And the other is gay but he drills her up the ass ..I have to catch her

  93. Jacquie says:

    I want to know if my abussive ex partner is heading for me, he phones Nieghbours to say he is arriving next week or will send me a message to say he is 20 mins away… He is not allowed to come near me accept by appointment & someone else here with me. I would like to see where his phone is at these times. He is a 4hour drive from me. To see weather his phone is where he lives or heading in my direction would be a great relief to me, I would not continually be looking out of the window every time s car door shut !!

  94. Theresa faust says:

    I need you to track what my husband is doing right now for me.

  95. Hannetjie says:

    My husband did once cheated on me I gave him another chance but lately I have found that he is lying to me about his whereabouts the distance between his work and home is suddenly different how can I trace him

  96. Misty perry says:

    This is great

  97. Amelyn says:

    I want to know where my boyfriend is,without texting me,and i wantbto know who’s his takling with.

  98. Kathryn backhouse says:

    i just want to track my boyfriend so i know where he is and hes doing

  99. Morris g. Williams says:

    Really need to know where my other half always here an there in town and I think out of town

  100. Alexis says:

    I need to know where my fiance is right now without him knowing please help

  101. sazi says:

    I want to know my girlfriend moves

  102. Lisa Griesmer says:

    I finally can find him to get his lunch to him.

  103. Osiris says:

    Its been a bit more than a year 1/2 my dreams come true, I have quit two previous jobs cause ive been my own detective looking for my family which on 2015 I called my dad and told him I had another call a simple lie he bought and pressed mute, i said this cause the tone of voice wasnt right it didnt sound as they where ok once pressed mute i hear everyone coughin and in spanish it said “we got all of you. you stoled from us, everyones gonna die where is he” he was mentioning me.. My family wouldnt steal nor I.. Our family has been framed for something we didnt do.. I located my sister phone it said it was somewhere in hollywood bronson..which is weird cause she lives in Arizona.. which Im stressed and beat myself up by not sleeping the sacrifices I do for the love of my family.. As much it sounds crazy I wish it wasnt true but its true..I called my sister in 2015 she replied did you had a dream about this.. I said no wish i did when I was 7 yrs old im 29yrs old.. My immune system drops when Im stressed I have missed court dates and hospital visits and work twice in a roll not cause im a bad employee but I am homeless and trying my best to find my family which I may do a mission on my own to save them I wish I can afford a private eye.. but Ive been doing it myself cause Im willing to give up my life do anything to find them.. Im literally about to quit my new job cause in life i rather be broke then working receiving money cause my family is what all I have.. my motivation but cant get that if I aint in touch and it just not my family theres other kids that need help Ive called the cops but arrested me on the spot; which the cops in south gate where intoxicated but Ive done my research in how to sneak my way into the cartels homes which all are connected…now tell me what would u do for your family i sacrifice meals cause of my stress but i choose to believe ill find them..

  104. Kelli Falcon says:

    Ive tried every app out there. They don’t work. I need to track my car.

  105. Kathy sart says:

    Trying to make things work with x husband but have trust issues from past actions. Sometimes out all nite. Says working. Too old for this crap. Pls help. He has android phone that I cannot get my hands on. I have iPhone 6 s.

  106. Martha Correia says:

    Need to track my husband

  107. Lloyd says:

    Need help,don’t trust my wife. I’ve got Huawei P8 Lite & she’s using Samsung S4 Mini. Her nr is 0793958784

  108. Gerardo says:

    Need to track my girlfriend please she said she is arguing and she gets violent please

  109. Tony says:

    I want to track my girlfriend

  110. Norma says:

    I need to find my daughter

  111. Love guru says:

    Here’s the issue COMMUNICATION. Couples need to not be selfish and start sign posting more meaning (explaining what your doing and why your doing it) and being completely honest about it not leaving out a single peice of detail. If someone avoids answering a question repeatedly I class that as chasing the dragon. The reason why people spy on their partners is because they want answers so they can clear their mind and have closure and focus on what’s really important in life.
    If both party’s do what I have mentioned above at least not matter the outcome you both will know where you stand. COMMUNICATION is the key, the more positive talks you have with each other the stronger the relationship the less you talk or spend time with each other then someone else will fill that gap.
    Hope this helps.

  112. KS says:

    Need to track my husband without him knowing.his nr +919482879690

  113. Krissi says:

    I think that I am being g tracked by my boyfriend. Also I think he is 100% been screwing another chic or having a full relationship with another but tells me he loves me everyday day. I am scared I love him a ton. But I am to old for this shit! I don’t need him watching my every move, anything I type or write down he reads. I want to be fully loved, wanted and respected. Shit I want an app that will help me find out if I need to give up on the whole Love game. I also need to find an app that will help me find out if I have been being tracked or “bugged”. Things are weird. Plus it’s not fair. I truly don’t deserve to be treated this way. Can someone help.

  114. Fred says:

    I just want to know

  115. Nfauxlady says:

    I had a cheating husband that would (of course) lie, lie, lie. “Prove it!” He said. Then it dawned on me, I had an iPad that had, as part of signing up with carrier, service for $10 month.
    So I hid it in his car. In the trunk under the spare tire. All I had to do then was pull up my “Find my Phone” APP that had all my devices registered, and what do you know?! I proved it! Just like he asked me to.

  116. Agnez says:

    Tracking the phone number

  117. Mamba says:

    I have this feeling my girl is with some other guy

  118. Ap says:

    Is there a tracker that records voices too

    • monica says:

      My husband had been texting and hidden something from me. I want to know how I can locate him by his phone and see who he is texting and see what they write.

  119. richard says:

    My friend and her ex split up recently and he will not give her the phone she got him on her plan back, he told the police that he lost and and she cancelled the plan thru her provider but she still has to pay for the phone. All she want is the phone back and apple says there no way to track it because she didn’t install the find your phone app and she doesn’t know his apple I’d. Does anyone have any suggest on how to get her phone back, without me having to track him down and kick his fucking ass.

  120. Morwa says:

    I would like to track my partner cell phone movement because we had a fight and she is gone and blocked my cell phone

  121. Barry says:

    Is there a app where I can track my spouse without having to install on her phone because if I have to install it on her phone as well as my tune it will not work I need to add where I can track her phone and have accuracy and her text message and phone calls is there a way I can do this or an app that will help me

  122. Kc says:

    Hello, i need to track my husband’s location without him knowing, please. Or without installing any apple gps device. I tried Using Find My Iphone but sometimes its Sevice location is off, and i cant open his iphone because he uses a passcode. Because he was cheating on me before, at least three times and i dont trust him anymore and i need the profit from making a divorce, please help me, thank you!

  123. Turbo says:

    i want to find out where my GF is when she takes off with my best mate

  124. Meera says:

    I want to track my husband phone calls

  125. jim says:

    how can i use gsm tracking or any other programs that doesn’t require any downloads on my partners phone?

  126. Joan Callahan says:

    My husband says he is not cheating but my heart tells me other wise. He sneaks to use his phone and has Secret conversation with device keys between him and her. I am 64 almost 65 and it is destroying my life. Feeling very lost

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